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Well, this is all horribly disorganized at the moment. Each page will be much better organized in the future. But for now, this place needs content, right? All of this downloading should keep you busy.

Video Files:

The Contra: Shattered Soldier videos require that you have the Divx 4 installed. Try to use the supplied player, as Windows Media Player does not work very well. The NES videos require the XVid codec and were played/recorded by Peter Yang.

Contra in 13 minutes - By Peter Yang
Super C in 16 minutes - By Peter Yang
Contra Shattered Soldier - Ending 1
Contra Shattered Soldier - Ending 2
Contra Shattered Soldier - Ending 3
Contra Shattered Soldier - Intro
Contra Shattered Soldier - Omake
Contra Shattered Soldier - Trailer
Contra Shattered Soldier - Television Commercial

The following are S-rank videos from Shattered Soldier by Tentakel

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7

Neo Contra MP3s:

Level 1-1
Level 3-1
Level 4-1
Level 4-2 Super C Level 3 remix
Theme Song - Neo Contra

Contra NES OST:

Title Screen
Intro (Japanese version)
Battle in the Dense Jungle - Jungle
Fortress Maze 1 - Base
Fortress Maze 2 - Boss
Triumphant Return - Clear
Waterfall of Bloodshed - Waterfall
Ice Fortress - Snowfield
Flame Fortress (Enemy Base) - Hangar
The Beat of Horror - Alien Lair
Sandinista - Staff Roll
Triumphant Return 2 - The End
Sound Effects

Contra Arcade OST:

Title Screen
Battle in the Dense Jungle - Jungle
Fortress Maze 1 - Base
Fortress Maze 2 - Boss
Triumphant Return - Clear
Waterfall of Bloodshed - Waterfall
Ice Fortress - Snowfield
Flame Fortress (Enemy Base) - Hangar
The Beat of Horror - Alien Lair
Sandinista - Staff Roll
Triumphant Return 2 - The End
Score Ranking

Super Contra Arcade OST:

What Is This Place
Thunder Landing
Great Heli ~ Ruined Base
Pattern Clear No. 1
In a Tight Squeeze
Ruined Base
Jungle Juncture
Creature from Outer Space
No Escape
Hotter Than Hell
Pattern Clear No. 2
Free World
Game Over
Unused 1
Unused 2
Unused 3 (used as Level 5 in NES Super C)
Unused 4
Thunder Landing (Arrange)
Deathbed ~ Hotter Than Hell (Arrange)

Super C NES:

Level 1 - Thunder Landing
Level 2 - In a Tight Squeeze
Level 3 - Jungle Juncture
Level 4 - No Escape
Level 5 - Untitled
Level 6 - Hotter Than Hell
Level 7 - Deathbed
Boss 1 - Great Heli ~ Ruined Base
Boss 2 - Creature From Outer Space
Pattern 1 Clear
Pattern 2 Clear
Game Over
Ending - Free World

Operation C:

Level 2

Contra Force OST:

Player Select
Level 1

Contra III: The Alien Wars OST:

The Alien Wars Begin Intro
It's Time for Revenge Level 1
Bloody Storm Boss
Pattern Clear
Select the Landing Point Overhead Intro
Megalopolis Level 2
Battle Runner Level 3
Daredevil Level 4
Hell Messenger Level 5
Go Forward Under Fire Level 6
The Showdown Final Battle
Return in Glory Ending
No Hope No Life Game Over
It's Time for Revenge (MIDI)
Megalopolis (MIDI)
Daredevil (MIDI)
The Showdown (MIDI)
Return in Glory (MIDI)

Contra Medleys (from Contra III OST):

Contra Arcade
Super Contra Arcade
Contra NES
Contra MSX
Super C NES
Operation C Gameboy

Contra: Hard Corps OST:

Locked and Loaded
Charshoe X
Contra Overdrive
Something Wonderful
Jurassic Dope
Alien's Den
AC Violence
Yoru no Nokusyokujyu
The Hard Corps
Gekokujah Norakura
The Foggy Cave in the Darkness
Simon 1994RD
A Spirit of Bushi
GTR Attack
Moonlit Army
Format X
Last Springsteen
The Dawn
Contra The Blue Gale
The Hard Corps Blues
What a Painful World
Game Over
Stage Clear
All Stage Clear

Contra: Legacy of War OST:

Intro Movie
Title Screen
City 1
City 2
Jungle 1
Jungle 2
River 1
River 2
Mountain Stronghold
Virtual 1
Virtual 2

C: The Contra Adventure OST:

Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9
Track 10
Track 11
Track 12
Track 13

Contra: Shattered Soldier OST:

Venus Intro
Select Stage
Fortress Level 1-1
Intestines Level 5 Boss Part 2
Stage Clear Jingle
Mountains Area Level 1-2
Battle Train Level 2-2
Submarine Power Plant Level 4-2
Senator Level 3 and 6 Cutscene
Super Power Robot Yokozuna Jr. Level 2 Boss
Relic of Moirai Level 6-2
Destiny Confrontation Level 5 Boss Part 1
The Crawler Tank Level 3 Boss
Special Stage Clear Jingle S Rank Clear
Hell Drive Level 2-1
The Dusk Gathers Level 6-1
Islands Level 5
Sky to the Ocean Stage 4-1
Jinmen Gyo Stage 4 Boss
Slave Beast Taka Stage 1 Boss
Lance Lullaby Stage 1 and 5 Cutscene
Survival of the Fittest Stage 3-2
A True Last Boss - Final Boss Battle
Maximum Speed Stage 3-1
Critical Moment of Contra Stage 6-3
Game Over Jingle
Recollections Level 1 Cutscene
Dearest Title Screen
Risk Options
S-Power History
Orion End Credits

Contra Shattered Soldier Extended Tracks:

As much as the soundtrack release is rocking, several of the tracks were cut short for whatever reason. Here now, in their full glory, are the full versions of these songs, most of which are extended another one or two minutes each. To whomever figured out how to rip these from the game CD - I salute you.

Intestines (Extended)
A True Last Boss (Extended)
Battle Train (Extended)
Destiny Confrontation (Extended)
Jinmen-gyo (Extended)
Slave Beast Taka (Extended)
Submarine Power Plant (Extended)
The Dusk Gathers (Extended)
The Relic of Moirai (Extended)

Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX:

It's Time for Revenge - Level 1

Konami Battle the Best:

What is This Place
Great Heli ~ Ruined Base

Fan Remixes:

SSH - Contra Shattered Soldier - Hell Drive
SSH - Contra Shattered Soldier - Maximum Speed
Overclocked - AMEN_Reflux - Contra
Overclocked - Bases Loaded - Contra
NESkimos - Contra - Base
NESkimos - Contra - Boss
NESkimos - Contra - Jungle
NESkimos - Contra - Waterfall
Nimo - Contra - 1st Stage
The Advantage - Contra - Base 2 Boss
Vomitron - Contra
Virt - Contra Megamix


Konami World 2 - Contra Level