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The first level begins here in this dock. At least if there's one tradition they kept in Contra Force, it's the weird rolling jump.

These pressing things seem like they belong in Metal Man's stage from Mega Man 2, but they've invaded this game, for some reason.

This is one of the most inane parts of the game, right in the very first level. You have to jump on the fan at JUST the right height so the air will propel you over the spikes. Too high, and you get shot into the air to your death. Never mind that those'd have to be pretty damn strong fans to send our hulky commandos airborne.

This Crocodile Dundee guy is the first of the irritating bosses you'll have to face. He rolls, he shoots, he jumps and rolls some more.

Onto the next level, the first of your overhead endeavors. Following the logical progression of things, you go from a harbor to a bunch of ships.

If you're an idiot, you'll stand behind these jet planes and get fried from their engines. Sadly, they never take off or shoot you in any other manner, so this little device is mostly to weed out the daft-brained novices before they get too far.

After taking a speedboat to another larger cruiser, you'll enter this underground area. The guards merely running back and forth and will not mind if you simply jog past them. Way to go, security!

This maniacal goon has the creepiest damn laugh, but otherwise just walks back and forth shooting at space. After sending this boss down the drain, you'll get word to head to the construction yard.

This is me, getting killed, which is always shown in slow-motion due to the insane amounts of slowdown present throughout the whole game. This guy has also prevented me from getting on the elevator, meaning I'll be waiting awhile before it comes back down. Damn them.

Another blitheringly dumb "puzzle", you must shoot the girder above the see-saw (or whatever piece of construction that is), dropping the box and sending you flying. If you don't realize this, you'll have to travel a ways back until the "puzzle" resets so you can try again.

Due to the crappy controls, jumping from chain to chain is much harder than it looks. And there's the electricity inducing....ummmm....inducers, waiting to fry you.

Yes, there are girders falling from the sky, and yes, you have to jump on them to get to the other side. Once again, if you miss one, you've got to backtrack and hope that it resets, so you can try again. Annoying, annoying.

Don't even bother shooting at the cockpit of this boss helicopter, just take out the guns and engines.

This looks like the same helicopter you jumped out of at the beginning of Super C, only red. Perhaps this is a homage to a much superior game. Perhaps the graphic designers were lazy and just reused some old sprites. Perhaps this whole game was a cruel joke on NES players to get them to stop playing their rotting 8-bit systems and turn to the new generation.